How to meet the challenges of Product Information Management
PIM Product Information Management solution for companies
Product Information Management - PIM

Challenges & Solution

Do you need a Perfion Product Information Management PIM system?

Challenge: How to keep product data updated?

Your product business spans across multiple markets and channels. With product information scattered around, it is a struggle to keep departments, customers and suppliers aligned. To make it even worse the market moves faster and product life cycles get shorter. Manually updated product information across unconnected systems take up valuable time.
Sounds impossible?

solution: PIM - One source for product information

With Perfion Product Information Management (PIM), product information, people and processes are aligned. One source for product information across all channels and languages brings agility throughout the organization. You can communicate with your customers in as many ways as you wish, and keep processes aligned in-house - all based on real time data. Product information is updated once and changes applied everywhere.

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 Perfion PIM makes Product Data Management straightforward.

Perfion makes Product Information Management straightforward

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Kim Kristiansen
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